Drag and Drop to multiple, dynamic lists


I am attempting to create an admin tool so that admins can drag and
drop "users" to add them to a "group". Once I have dropped the users
into the group element, I want to update my group_users table which is

So far, I have properly created a draggable element for each user:

<%= draggable_element "#{user.id}", :revert => true %>

I am also using the drop_receiving_element for each group (properly
accessed "add" when item is dropped)
<%= drop_receiving_element "group#{group.id}",
:url => { :action => "add"},
:accept => "users",
:loading => "Element.show('indicator')",
:complete => "Element.hide('indicator')" %>

What I need to also pass is the group.id so that I can update the
group_users table upon drop. In all the documentation I've read about
scriptaculous drag-and-drop & drag-and-drop sortable-lists, nothing is
explained about the options you can pass to the drop_receiving_element

Has anyone implemented this with dynamic lists?


I have finally found a solution:

You can set additional params in the url so my drop_receiving element
tag is now:

<%= drop_receiving_element "group#{group.id}",
:url => { :action => "add", :group_id => "#{group.id}" },
:accept => "users",
:loading => "Element.show('indicator')",
:complete => "Element.hide('indicator')" %>

The user id from the draggable element is automatically set for
params[:id]. To update params[:id] you would use the :with option in
the drop_receiving_element...not what I wanted since I need both group
id and user id for my join table.

Hope this helps anyone working on anything similar.