downloading files from database

has anybody got an idea what could be wrong with that? if you need more
information, just tell me what you need to know.

i already checked if filesize could be a problem, but as i’am able to
upload even bigger files, everything seems to be ok. i’m stuck…

thanks in advance for any suggestion

Look for any differences in the environment. Are you using the same brower? Is it the same version etc? Maybe you are not setting the content type in your code.

When faced with problems with many possible directions, you must prod
the environment - using the results of the prod to indicate the next
area for inspection.

In my opinion, you should first determine whether its a server or
client issue.

To test this I'd write a functional test - download many different
files many times. The results of this test will suggest where to look
next. (a browser issue, or server, or potentially a specific file issue)

This approach enables your debugging by simplifying the environment.

and then you'll find Sherlock Holmes to be especially useful in
determining your next course of action:
   "that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the truth"
Good luck.


we did narrow the problem area:
1. We could save the problem files via console and open it them. The
file contents were ok. -> So it seems not to be the database.
2. We started the application with webbrick in prod mode. Everything
worked. All downloaded files are ok. -> So it seems the ruby code for
file up- and download is OK, too.

This leaves the webserver for me. We use Litespeed 2.2 and tried to
post the topic into the support forum of Litespeed Ltd., but I was not
able to do it, because I couldn´t register for the forum.

I hope someone else from the rails list can help and has some tips or

The issue is resolved now.
The developers from litespeed helped in finding a configuration option
that had to be adjust in order to make this work again.