Download sample code in The Rails Way (2.0) -- How?


I've got Fernandez's book published by Addison-Wesley and would like to try out some of his examples. Is there any way to download the sample code so I can avoid wasting time (mis-)typing it myself?

Addison-Wesley doesn't seem to provide a website for its book as, for example, O'Reilly does with Topics – O’Reilly.

Thanks in Advance, Richard

I don't have an answer, but just a comment - I've found, in learning a new language or theory about one, sometimes it helps to type and mistype the code samples.

Just my two cents...

True. But the site that has the code likely has the errata, as well, and I'd appreciate having that, too. Nevertheless, thanks for your response.

Best wishes, Richard

The author set up a lighthouse site for corrections to the book:

Thanks, Grant.