docs gem_server vs layout

Hello railers!
when running gem_server one gets the local gem docs available in
There if you choose one gem you get a page with the navigation bar on
top (with the sections files,classes,methods).

Now if you look at the navigation bar is
on the left part of the screen (plus changelogs are available). Which
I find much more handy.

Does anyone know how to force the latter layout to the local
gem_server ?

many thanks,

You can edit index.html(and modify frameset) per gem to get it looking
as you want
To get all rdocs look like that, you need to hack doc generator, i
think, not tried it though...

Here's tip from AWDWR2ed

You can create your own local version of the consolidated Rails API
mentation. Just type the following commands at a command prompt
bering to start the command window in your Rails environment if you’re
InstantRails or Locomotive).
   rails_apps> rails dummy_app
   rails_apps> cd dummy_app
   dummy_app> rake rails:freeze:gems
   dummy_app> echo >vendor/rails/activesupport/README
   dummy_app> rake doc:rails
The last step takes a while. When it finishes, you’ll have the Rails
API documen-
tation in a directory tree starting at doc/api. I suggest moving this
folder to your
desktop, then deleting the dummy_app tree.

And then you need to modify index.html :
<frameset rows="20%, 80%">
    <frameset cols="25%,35%,45%">
<frameset cols="20%, 80%">
    <frameset rows="25%,35%,45%">
(cols and rows swapped)

Great:) thanks for your reply!