do you think we should make <%= # comment %> not cause error

the code

  <% # some code %>

will not cause any error, but the code

  <%= # some code %>

will cause an error.

the argument is that the second statement is like

  output <<

and so it is an error.

But I think since

  puts "hello"



both can run and cause no error, why not make

  <%= # some code %>

not cause any error too? If we have a language / platform that will
cause an error when we just comment out code, it is a big issue in the
long term, since usually when we comment out something, we won't easily
cause a problem and may have a hard time finding what the cause is.

for sure, we can change it to

  <% # some code %>

but we lose the note there that we were going to output the content.
When we uncomment the code, we don't know for sure whether it should be
<% %> or <%= %> and is prone to mistake again.

Report it at, I'd +1 it!

I believe that <% #… %> is not a valid erb comment (no space is allowed after %). See You have to read through the comments to get to the conclusion.


In addition I meant to say that according to the ticket link, <%=# and <%= # are also not valid erb comments.

Salil Gaikwad wrote:

I Commented code in erb in following ways

<%# This is Comment %>

This is Comment

<%#= This is Comment %>

This is Comment

i see. that's smart. then we don't need <%= #comment %> to work. but
if it can, i think it might be good.