div_for and RJS

Do you have to use an activeRecord object for div_for?
Perhaps I'm taking the wrong approach for "dynamic" divs

so far my education:

1. id= , is fine for just one div and prototype activity in an RJS (I
got this to work)
2. class= , another option, but I don't see how it can be used
3. div_for , a helper that uses ActiveRecord objects to come up with
multiple divs

Below: code that is my best guess for how to proceed, but it doesn't do
everything it is supposed to do:

<script src=‘http://pastie.org/472556.js’></script>

<script src=‘http://pastie.org/472563.js’></script>

the code is here
and here

sorry about the extra bits

The class will not work for a rjs call.. html class elements are not
unique by design so that is not a good idea anywho...

Here is a good description for div_for

It's just a way to create a div that has something todo with the
record that you have. So if you have a @user object with id of 1 you
would get id="user_1" for the div.