Displaying Multiple pictures

Can anybody tell me how to display multiple pictures with a download link
below the pictures.
Scenario :
The pictures will be in a non public folder and I want to stream (if
possible) the pictures to the browser with a link below the pictures that
will allow a user to download the picture.
The reason I am using a non public folder is to regulate authorization to
the pictures, thus only giving a certain set of users access to the
pictures. Unfortunately I must use non public folders to store the pictures.
I can stream one picture to the browser, but I cannot add any other
pictures, text or links to this rhtml.
To create the html containing the pictures and links before hand are not an
option, since I want to create the html being displayed to be dynamic.

I dont have the option to store the image in a database, as suggested by
alot of google search results.

As you have probably guested, I am a newby to Ruby on Rails, trying to
convert my perl scripts to ROR.

Thanks in advance.

Hint: Use send_data