Displaying information from one model on all views in an application

I've created a model that I plan to use to store messages that I want
to be broadcast on every page of my application. I'm storing the
message text, a class name for css styling, and a start and end
timestamp that I want it to display between.

I was trying to find a way to insert these items into my
application.html.erb layout template so that I don't have to include
something in every single view. There is also a controller set up for
the message items. Hopefully someone can help me with this, let me
know if you need any more info.

you can use a before_filter in the application controller.
in the method called by before_filter fetch the data you want from the
model and store the result in an instance variable, e.g. @message
create a partial that use this @message variable and insert it in your
application layout.

Take a look here: http://railscasts.com/episodes/103-site-wide-announcements

Darian Shimy

thanks guys, i'll take a look