display time in “US-Central” Format

Hi ,

Is there anyway I can display time in “US-Central” or “US-Eastern” format instead of “ America-New york” or “ Europe-Athens” format at the top of drop down list using Tzinfo .

I am presently using “time_zone_select” which displays US zones on top of drop down in “ America-New york” format .

<%= time_zone_select ('profile', 'time_zone',TZInfo::Timezone.us_zones, :model => TZInfo::Timezone, :default => "America/Chicago" )%>

I can display US zones in “ (GMT - 06:00 ) CentralTime (US & Canada)” by using standard rails TimeZone ( <%= time_zone_select ('profile', 'time_zone' > ) . But , I will have problem when I use “utc_to_local” method .

Thanks, Madhu Nallamani