display issue with <li> elements in a textiled box

I have been messing with my CSS sytlesheets to fix some display
issues. Specifically, messed with <li> and <ul> elements. Now i have
noticed on a page with <li> elements in a textile editor box, that
the list bullet is showing up as "• " instead of "•".

I am assuming this a CSS issue and not a textile or rails issue.
Wondering what I need to do to fix this issue. The only bullets that
are jacked up are those within a div that uses textile codes.

I'd start by examining the CSS rules that are being applied to those 'li's according to your browser. Fire up Firebug or Web Inspector or similar tool of your choice and inspect those elements to check the CSS rules being applied are the ones you expect.

Having said that, that string of surprising characters looks a lot more like a character encoding issue mismatch than a simple CSS error. Are you using the ':before' pseudo-class with a 'content' rule to set a custom character for your lists, by any chance? If so, there could be something going on with the character encoding that you're saving your CSS file in.


I think I may know the answer and it isn't CSS. I use a gem called
blavosync to sync my development database with production. I just set
up a new computer this week and used MySQL Workbench to create the
empty development database prior to synching with production. In MySQL
when you create a schema, you can choose the default character

In this case I chose UTF8 -default. I checked out the production
database and it appears to use latin1_swedish_ci. If I understand
correctly, importing data from one SQL database to another and having
different character collation types, can result in weird text.

In this case, the description field for this particular model uses
textile codes for markup. Sure enough the normal "•" bullets are
showing up as "•" instead. Silly me, I just checked the tables in
the MySQL database and sure enough the bullets are screwed up.

So long answer short. It wasn't CSS, it appears to me to be a mismatch
in the default character collation between my production and
development databases and the result of importing from one to the

But it was messing with CSS <li> and <ul> elements that made me
notice. Thanks for the assistance though.

(Reply moved inline.)

You bring up some interesting points, so I took a look at the
database. Here is a copy of one post descripition from the database
itself. Perhaps the • are cut and pasted while the other elements are
being inserted via textile editor. That would account for this i
think. Thank you again. I like to understand things I see.

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