dispatch.cgi, dispatch.fcgi, dispatch.rb not present in Public folder

I'm doing a series of ruby on rails tutorials and it got to a part where i need to edit the following files that should be automatically inside the public folder: dispatch.cgi,dispatch.fcgi,dispatch.rb but I have none of these inside my public folder. Is there a reason for this? And how can i change it so they are back

The only files in my public folder at present are

404.html 500.html 422.html images javascripts stylesheets favicon.ico index.html robots.txt

Check out http://www.anchor.com.au/hosting/dedicated/Running-Rails-2.3-Using-CGI-with-Rack under “The Meat”.


Or you could use mod_rails (Passenger) instead.


thank you, so they aren’t meant to be there nowadays, I originally thought i had done something wrong, i can move on now, cheers

Glad you found out :slight_smile:


Yeah no need to use them. Install Passenger and have fun!