Did DHH have a suit on?

Looking at the wiki page, it looks quite close to when Rails was made… which was on my birthday of all days.

19:40, 11 October 2005
Wwwwolf (
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Oops, seems I learned from a different source than you...

..which is such an utterly confused POS that it uses /both/ names --
perhaps you would be better off going to the actual Adobe web site
and reading up on Flash and Flex instead of relying on a sketchy
third party fluff piece :slight_smile:

There is an actionScript too though! :slight_smile:

Yes, and "ActionScript" is what's in Flash/Flex...

So I guess that the main robot which sends out all those emails which
advertise various drugs would be named Gramspammer.


Ha! And of course, there's the Pamela & Tommy videos.. PamBamSpammer...

What have I done??

Bing! Trophy goes to Ryan, subject to a 19-year-old posting something