devise users

I just want to dump my entire users listing from the users table (which devise created).
But, they didn’t provide an index page or anything like that. If I were to create another controller that would just define the index page for the users table, would it conflict with what devise created?



I had that issues once.

Just at this code in the in the index view


Hope it help.

Frantz Augu


Founder @ Club Artizan

What do you mean by "dump"? to the screen, to a web page, to
a file (text, CSV)?

If it's other than a web page you can do it from the console. If it's
something you want to do frequently, write a rake task.

Hi, just display the users on the webpage (so I don’t have to refer to the raw database table).

Then a controller for that specific action is fine.

Thanks. I followed Frantz link, it helped. I just had multiple routes that were the same, so I fixed it.

Glad it help, Joe.

Can Anyone reply to my issue, please?