Device Convention for Scope ?

I’ve been using device for quite some times now. I was wondering a good practice to design the application with scope. Usually I choose to separate the admin part and the user part. so there is two model Admin and User.

Admin functionality are scoped with Admin , And user functionality are just like the usual rails covention.

for instance in the controller there might be something like this




so for example the the DocumentsController < ApplicationController

while ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

now let say I want the ApplicationController “like” for admin. What is the best way to implement this ?

maybe like Admin::DocumentsController < Admin::AdminController, and Admin::AdminController < ActionController::Base maybe ?

this part get confusing if I perceive Admin as a resource, like managing the admins. so it would be another controller like Admin::AdminsController ?

have you been into this sort of scenario ? and how would you tackle the problem ?


Ahmy Y

I would not do it that way, I would have just users and roles,
probably using the cancan gem.


I would suggest you to use cancan gem instead of devise scope or
namespace, it would be necessary to understand and implement.