Development on nfs share

Is there any way to end up somewhere in between the development environment and production environment as far as refreshing the source on every request. Our setup is that we work off of nfs shares which makes it extremely slow for a page load in development since it has to pull in the whole app on each request. I'm used to it by now and only get a few changes in an hour :). Just curious if there is a way to help this without running on localhost which is not a good option for us.

Thanks, Fredrik

lol. What? No idea what you just said, but thanks. :slight_smile:


I think Joshua was very bombed last night... or just a general troll.

Anyway, as far as I understand rails environments, they are just ruby settings files that are loaded after the main environment.rb is loaded.

So you should be able to create something like a staging.rb environment file and put your settings in there. Then specify -e staging when starting mongrel (or whatever your server's equivalent is).

As for what settings go in there to achieve the effect you want... you'll have to figure that out... or maybe someone else can help.


Fredrik wrote:

It was kind of a long shot, I know. Just editing the development.rb is what I was thinking but I have no idea what to change there. I still want to refresh the controllers/views/models, but prehaps only the one being requested, which would be nice.