[Developers for remote Hire] 3 devs available at Ainstainer

A coherent team of 3 Senior developers, 7+y, with knowledge of PHP,
Ruby, Erlang and Python is available for hire at Ainstainer Group,

The team consists of 3 developers with 7+ years of experience in PHP.
Today they would like to switch to Ruby jn Rails, Python or Erlang.
Combining the knowledge and experience in PHP, Erlang and Ruby on Rails
this team is able to create from the scratch online games, chats,
twitter-like applications etc.
Working 5+ years as one team, these guys love to have deal with
technical stuff, related to web development, unusual and difficult
websites, social networks.

Professional skills

Team member 1 ( 8 + y of experience)
Agile- guru, team lead/project manager of the whole team
Linux-only, PHP 5.2/5.3, Javascript+ advanced techniques, SQL (MySQL
dialect), XML (Xpath), jQuery/AJAX, (x)HTML, UML, Perl, CSS, Client-side
optimization, Bash/tcsh/zsh, Vim + console, Apache, php-fpm, nginx,
git/hg, xDebug, Ruby.
In process and "want to know": Ruby (since the end of 2010), Erlang (to
do for summer 2011)

Team member 2 (5+ y of experience):
PHP, JavaScript, (x)HTML, XML, CSS, SQL, UML, Apache, nginx, svn,
mercurial, git, tcsh, zsh, Vim and console, Design patterns.

Team member 3 (9+ y of experience):
Senior PHP and Python developer, LAMP, nginx, php, fpm, mysql, memcache
Ruby (using in every day automatization, heavily studying all the
aspects), Erlang (plans for summer 2011), Rails (also plans for summer

Ainstainer Group is an IT agile outsourcing company in Ukraine. We do
establishment and support of client's own software development teams in
Ukraine, Kharkiv. The developers are supposed to work under your
managerial control from our office.

Please turn to Alena Shechkova for more details and CVs.
E-mail: alena.shechkova@ainstainer.com