Hello all,
I'm after a junior to mid rails developer for maintenance work on an
existing website. This is a legacy application which requires some
small ongoing love and new features over time so you'll need to be
able to do ongoing work.

You'll need to be familiar with Rails 2.3.x and MySQL - we also have
an (outdated) rspec + cucumber test suite which over time will need
some tidying up.
Offsite is fine - but need to be able to work a min of 12 to 20 hrs
per week.

Offsite may be fine, but out of curiosity, where are you (just for
considering time-zone issues), and what type of entity is the work
for? (private individual, limited company, plc - it's hard to tell
from a GMail address)

Also, I assume that needing a "junior to mid" is constrained by budget
more than anything else? Or am I wide of the mark on this - is there a
particular reason that an highly experienced Rails developer couldn't
fill this role? Again, out of curiosity, do you have a budget for the
hourly rate (I assume that you'll be paying hourly) that you're
looking for?