Developer to Assist Non-Profit Media Arts Society

The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA) is a non-profit arts society that teaches and facilitates independent media art in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We had an amazing developer build us a system on Rails. He has since become super busy with his own project called Get Jobber and he is no longer available to work with us.

We have a great system developed, it manages our membership, equipment rentals and classes. We have a few goals as we continue to develop the system.

  • Move from a in-house access to member access - Requires security updates and user interface improvements

  • Add media integration - users can submit their videos and be part of their profile

  • Integrate with our website - ability for our system to populate the website with our members videos

FAVA has received a grant and has some money for this, however I doubt we would be able to pay full rates. But hopefully we’d be looking for someone that would be interested in working with us for a good cause.

Many Thanks,


Director of Production