Design question REST join table.


I'm currently designing a rails application using REST principles. I
have an employee table, subservices table, and employees_subservices
join table. Should I create a resource called employee_subservices or
is there another design approach I can take?


I think that would depend on whether you want a simple "has and belongs
to many" where the join table (employee_subservices) is little more than


or a fuller table with those IDs and some other information as well. If
so, google "habtm with attributes" or something like that. I also track
who and when on everything, so even my join tables are at a minimum

  <additional fields as required>

and I use whatever name makes sense to me. I have users, teams, and
memberships (my join table)... not team_users.

Thanks, I finally decided to go with a resource for my
employees_subservices table and all is working fine.