Deployment of an app that uses a big Shared library

Hi guys,

I am new to Rails, so if my assumptions below are completely wrong,
please do let me know.

My app needs to load a shared library. I use Ruby/DL to do this.
My understanding of Rails is since it's single-threaded, the way to
deploy an app is to use HTTP proxying to send requests that should be
handled by Rails to one of any number of back-end application
Does it mean the shared library will be loaded by every single
application process? This library is very big (and in fact takes a lot
of time to load), hence my concern. If my assumption is correct, it
means the app will grow far too big. Is there any way to handle this?


If I understand correctly, Mongrel and Passenger start multiple
instances of the Rails app, but these are long-lived. The app
instance is not created for each request and then destroyed.