Deployed version acting different than desktop version?

I found the most scary and annoying symptom last night when I found a
bug on my deployment application that was working correctly on my
identical desktop version. It had to do with one parent integer field
being updated through a CREATE controller action.
Has anyone found a source that describes such anomolies so that I
might try to guard against them.
I am grateful for any reply.

when we had issues like that it normaly came out to be a problem with
either permissions (file uploads, storing stuff) or version conflicts
with ruby, rails or most likely gems
doesn't sound like your problem, maybe you give us a more detailed
explanation of your problem.

I have a forum.posts_count integer field that was being incremented in
the desktop version just fine, but being neglected in the server
version running litespeed. I changed the routine to an
increment_counter in the Forum model and it works fine now. In the
desktop code I was able to do a forums.posts_count += 1 and that ran
just fine but the server ignored it.
Thank you,