Delayed_Job and Setting Env


I am setting up a background task using delayed job to upload some of my documents up to scribd from my S3 bucket.

The problem I encounter is that I get an error saying: Job failed with RightAws::AwsError: AWS access keys are required to operate on S3

I realize that this is because my job doesn't know what environment I'm in so I explicitly set it in the class (ENV['RAILS_ENV'] = "development"). There has to be a better way of doing this so that I don't need to to change this every time.

Is there a better way of doing this? Am I not putting this in the right place?


============= Code Snippet Below =============

class Job (in lib/script_job.rb)   attr_accessor :document_id

  ENV['RAILS_ENV'] = "development"

  def initialize(document)     self.document_id =   end

  def perform     document = Document.find(document_id)     Scribd::API.instance.key = APP_CONFIG[:scribd_api_key]     Scribd::API.instance.secret = APP_CONFIG[:scribd_api_secret]     Scribd::User.login APP_CONFIG[:scribd_user], APP_CONFIG [:scribd_password]     upload = Scribd::Document.upload(:file => document.s3_url,                                      :type => return_doc_type (document.content_type))     ...   end end