defect tracking tool with Offline & Online support - any recommendations

Hi all,

I’m a lone developer at this stage, but am interested in using a defect tracking tool. Ideally one which integrates with my SVN repository on dreamhost (i.e. ability to say tell me all files touched to fix defect XYZ), but this is a nice to have.

I develop quite a bit offline however so the defect tracking tool on my Macbook would need to be online/offline capable. If necessary it could be a totally installed on my Macbook, but ideally the repository would be on my dreamhost server from a backup/accessibility point.

Any ideas/recommendations? i.e. besides a text editor :slight_smile:

Cheers Greg


tks bryan - re my offline needs, are you suggesting to install these products on my Macbook and run locally?

Yes, I am suggest to run the applications locally.