Default Rails setup convention between "bundle install" and "rake"

Question: Has anyone thought about or worked on creating default Rails
setup code for the work between "bundle install" and "rake" for Rails

    -- Sub-question: Is it part of Rails or rake or joint effort?

    -- My initial guess at what should be included:
        -a- Naming convention for hidden and multiple database.yml
            -- template: database.<one_word>.yml
            -- if only one hidden file, then
                -- database.example.yml
            -- if one hidden file per database type, then
                -- use gem name as <one_word>
                -- database.sqlite3.yml, database.postgresql.yml,
                -- database.mysql2.yml,
        -b- A rake command that exercise the typical steps between
"bundle install" and "rake".
            -- Mostly, but not completely, involving database setup.
            -- Examples from existing projects:
                -- rake db:setup, rake setup, lots of rake
            -- Can you run this default rake command completely in
batch mode?


PS. What is the right "rake" e-group to ask this question?