Date_select - Specifying an id for each selector fails

Because of some third party dependencies I'm trying to use a
date_select helper (actually datetime, but they behave the same)
whilst specifying an ID for each of the three selectors (day/month/

<%= f.date_select :start, {:order => [:day, :month, :year]}, {:id =>
{:year => 'abc', :month => 'de', :day => 'xy'}} %>
The code above nearly works; the right selectors are generated in the
right order, however, the IDs of each selector are the same; simply a
flattened down version 'monthdeyearabcdayxy', using an array has the
same effect.

How can I achieve this while still having Rails handle most of the

Your best bet is probably to call the individual helpers for each
component (select_hour etc...). Look at the output of date_select to
see what names you should use for the inputs.