for leap years

Hey guys,

Every time I build a calendar system or anything with an annually recurring set of dates, I find myself doing this all the time to avoid getting invalid date exceptions:

year =

if (year % 4 != 0) && rhs.month == 2 && == 29
rday = 28
rday =

date =, rhs.month, rday)

Would anybody be interested in a patch so we could just do:, rhs.month,, :fix_leap_year => true)

Maybe even make :fix_leap_year => true the default behavior?


Where does ‘rhs’ come from?

In this case it’s a model with month and day attributes.

Oh, I get your problem. You want to change 29 to 28 if it was given february, but outside of a leap year.

I don’t think this is the right forum for this discussion. Date is actually part of the Ruby library. Try one of the lists at