date_finder plugin: Find dates that match conditions

I couldn’t find any existing solutions to this problem so … here’s what this plugin can do for you:

To find the next five Mondays and Fridays: => 5)

To find the 10th of the month for the next five months:
DateFinderBase.monthly.day_number(10).find(:max => 5)

To find the last Thursday in September for the next 3 years
(:september).day(:thursday).day_occurrence(:last).find(:max => 3)

To find the next 5 Wednesdays on a fortnightly basis (skips every second week):
DateFinderBase.weekly(2).day(:wednesday).find(:max => 5)

script/plugin install

Feedback welcome.


This is one of the best plugins I’ve seen in a while. Thanks!

Does Date_finder support weeks 1-52?

note that Week 1 must contain 4th Jan