dataselect parameters and serialization

So I'm writing a sort of reporting form in which single attributes can
be added to report on an object that has been created with another
form. The data in the reports doesn't really have have that much
bearing other than it being compared to the data stored in the actual
object its reporting on, but I still want to save the state of the
report form. So I created a hash with keys tied to the attribute name
and the values the values, etc etc. The problem I'm having is when
I'm storing the attributes from the datetime_select helper. The
normal way it works is it stores report[attributes][#name_of_attribute]
[values], but for datatimes I get report[attributes]
[#name_of_attribute(1i)], report[attributes][#name_of_attribute(2i)],
etc etc. I realize I could probably move the name of the attribute
out and have something like report[attributes][#name_of_attribute]
[datetime(1i)], and that's what my actual question is. When I get
this data back from being serialized, can I have a make a hash of
{:datetime(1i) => '1', :datetime(2i) => '23', ... } into a Time object
so I can pass it to a datetime_select when updating the reports form?

Here's an example of the parameters in case my description was
{"additional_info"=>"This is test data",

Thanks in advance,
Brian Butz