Database schema question

Im setting up a very basic rails app and have a question about the needed migrations & associations.

Basically, my app is an occasion reminder service that emails users when occasions that they select or input are coming up.

Occasions will be selected from a checkbox type list or alternatively manually input by the user (name and date of the occasion).

Users can have_many occassions.

How would i set this up in my models? So far i have:

class Reminder < ActiveRecord::Base

attr_accessible :date, :name

belongs_to :user


class User < ActiveRecord::Base

attr_accessible :address, :birthday, :city, :email, :gender, :interests, :name, :postal_code

has_many :reminders



You seem confused about the words Reminder and Occasion. In the text
you say a user has many occasions but in the code you have called them
Reminders. I would have thought that the object in the database is an
occasion, then you generate reminders for that occasion as required.


Thanks for pointing that out… so changing the “Reminders” table/model to “Occasions” … how would i proceed from there?

Thanks for pointing that out.. so changing the "Reminders" table/model to
"Occasions" ... how would i proceed from there?

Have you worked through some tutorials to give you some insight into
the basics of Rails? is good and is free to use
online. If you work right through that, doing the exercises and so on
then you should be better placed to get going.