database best practice question

hi folks,

i'd like some advice about how to approach this database "problem". i
have a website that sells products that are customizable, and are
organized in lists. i can't give the details of the actual product, but
i'll offer this baby clothes analogy:

happy hat(tm) beanie: fuzzy ball => true, pattern => striped, color =>
[blue, white]
angry feet(tm) shoes: color => white, laces => fat
pretty okay(tm) shirt: material => lead

the clothes are customized and saved in "outfits" created by users. my
question is:

should i create database tables for each user-created outfit? that seems
like it would get out of hand. is there a better way?

how long do the outfits need to be retained? do they need to be saved
only until the user places an order/ reorders the product? are you
planning to save the outfits for reporting?

thanks for the reply guys. the outfits would be retained for long
periods of time (~6 months or so).

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