Cygwin Rails issues "/dev/urandom" not found


I'm trying to install ruby on rails on windows xp with cygwin. I
installed the rails gem but when I go to create an application I get
the following : "No such file or directory - /dev/urandom" the error
seems to be coming form secret_key_generator.rb line 22. But I can't
find a file of that name


What Marcin said works - I just wanted to simplify the steps:

1. locate the file secret_key_generator.rb inside cygwin directory (in
my case - c:\cygwin\lib\ruby\gems\1.8\gems\rails-2.0.2\lib
2. find "def generate_secret_with_urandom" (line #85 in Rails 2.0.2)
3. copy the line just below "def generate_....":
    puts "Before Read"
4. save the file and it should work

Hope it helps

The files in /dev don't exist by default under cygwin. Instead cygwin
internally handles reading and writing to them specially. See for more
info. There is also a script to create the dev files.