customising Engines views without breaking update???

I was under the impression that Engines were perfect for this kind of thing, mainly in that to change the files an Engine uses, you just create your own in your apps app/views/engine_name. The engine should pick up those files and use them instead of its own.


oh…must have missed this…sounds good for a small number of tweaks. What do you think however if you want to tweak just about every view (i.e. *.rhtml) from the engine to give it the look and feel you want?


You might ask this on the Engines mailing list.

That said, if it’s really just “tweaks” that you want, can you get them by changing some of the engine’s CSS definitions?

good points - actually I’m not sure how much I want to tweak things, but just I don’t really like the layout at the moment - I should look more closely at CSS as a possibility agreed :slight_smile: