Custom Routes making permanent URLs with redirects

Hello, I am looking for guidance, suggestions and best strategies on how to create readable, permanent URLs for my project.

I have a project that serves up two types of pages: subject help guides course help guides

So I need a URL for the list of subject guides and a URL for a list of course guides. I also need URLs for each individual course page and a URL for the individual subject guides that consist of multiple subject pages.

I've been reading: I agree with this - but question the no-subjects in URLs guideline.

Dated but good

What are peoples ideas on good readable urls? I am wondering how to handle the ids - can I hide them with routes? Do people use the to params method? How do I do the redirect with my routes. All the examples of redirecting with a 302 is from the old action to the new, but I want to redirect them when they enter /id-BULL! to /id-ba214 (see last link)

Thanks for the help and I hope to get some good discussions. K

You could do the one where you say:



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