hey, im having a problem installing this plugin, note that it is indeed
the first time ive installed a plugin.. well attempted to anyways.

in my command prompt, yes, im using windows xp sp2, apache/fastcgi,

anyways.. in my command line I do the following commands in the root of
my rails application.

1) ruby script/plugin source svn://

returns: Added 1 repositories

2) ruby script/plugin install

returns: nothing.. it just goes back to the directory tree

if I do ruby script/plugin list it spits out an error

script/plugin: No such file or directory - svn ls

It is really frustrating, and im trying to get rid of the field name
when a validation error occurs on a web-form. IF anyone can offer any
help at all, please do so, or if you know of an alternative way to get
rid of that field name that is attached to the beginning of validation


hey.. okay so I grabbed the files from the svn directly instead of
using the ruby script/plugin install hasel.

so how should my vendor/plugins folder look now, should I have the lib
folder in there or should I just put the custom_error_message.rb file
in there, from there how do I use it in the website itself, im guessing
add the "require custom_error_message" line in the application.rb

im lost.

actually I just figured it out.

in my application.rb controller I added a line

"require 'plugins/init'"

inside the plugins folder there is a file named init.rb, and inside
that it has all my plugin requires such as;

"require 'plugins/custom_error_message'

works like a charm now.

thanks for your advice Michael