Curl / login_engine /user_engine

Anyone ever use curl with user_engine before? Even though I say

curl -u<user:pass> <address>

it doesn't seem to login.

Presumably curl will use HTTP Authentication, whereas the login engine
doesn't support this...

If you browse to your site in a browser and log in, then inspect your cookie and copy the session id out of it you can use that in your curl command to get thru the auth.

curl http://localhost:3000/foo/bar/12?session_id=dkjfh;dfh;ef;kladf;adj;fjadlk;fjad;fhadjkshfakdshf # or whatever it is.

also I am not sure if its _sessionid or sessions_id. look at what the key is in the cookie and use that.


That seemed to work for GET, but not for POST. I get a redirect from
user_engine when using

curl -i -X POST -d "<xml_data></xmldata>"

If I use the command above without the post and the xml data, I get
back the GET data I am expecting. If it was a routing issue, I would
expect the GET not to work.I also removed the -i, but no difference.

I'm using