Cucumber tableish

Anyone using tableish?

First time trying it, and it is not working or I think it is not.

Here is the failing 'Then' code.

Then "$actor should see players table" do |_, expected_table|
  html_table = tableish('table#player_table tr', 'td,th')
puts html_table.to_s

puts is giving [] empty array.

Scenario: Activated player should be able to see a listing of accounts
    Given no player with login: 'reggie' exists
      And an activated player logged in as 'reggie'
      And the following player records
       > login | name | email |
tournaments_count |
       > john | John Doe | | 5

       > jane | Jane Doe | | 3

     When she goes to players
     Then she should see players table
        > john | John Doe | 5 |
       > nancy | Jane Doe | 3 |
       > reggie | Reggie Doe | 0 |



I did output the db dataset size. It is 3. There are 3 records.

In development ENV, they are showing and table is in the HTML code as
it should be.

Where is the documentation on tableish? Does it work to evalute/look
at the html table or I'm I using the wrong method?