css serving slow?

I'm using WEBrick (in development mode) to serve a very simple page.
The browser receives from the server two things:
1) the html
2) a css file
What's strange is that it takes the server almost ten times longer to
send the css file than it takes it to send the html (11ms for the
html, 120 ms for the css). Both files are about the same size.
What's going on?
Why is serving css so much more expensive than rhtmls?


ps: i tried putting the css inside the html and the response time is
the same as for a normal html. so it's clearly not a size issue.

mongrel outperforms webrick by all means. just get rid of webrick.

On another note, if webrick, mongrel, or anything else ruby based is
serving css or other static assets, you should rethink things and let
nginx/lighttpd/apache deal with it.

me personally developing with apache proxying to mongrel (because of
mod_xsendfile used), however I think such setup is pretty rare for
development environment
in production - no doubt.
just wondering why people keep suffering with webrick, while in recent
rails script/server starting mongrel by default.