I’d like to recommend a new tool for Software/Hardware & IT

CrowdCoded allows all development cycle professionals
(Developers ,Product/Project Managers, QA, Designers, Architects etc )
meet in one central point, and either post their projects or find a
project which fits their skills.
It is also a place to form a team ,or find a person with skills you
need for your project.

You might want to crowd-code for a proof-reader...

Also, funnily for a company promoting their "Real-Time Mobile
Multiplayer Gaming", you use an OTS collaboration product like Oxwall
and have it render dreadfully on Android.

BTW What relevance has this to Rails? Or are you just spamming Google groups?


yup... looking at the amount of times this message is already indexed,
you're just spamming :-/

Dear Michael
Thank you for your response. In regards to your comments:
1) By all means ,this is not spam. CrowdCoded is a service aimed at
all development cycle professionals. It allows code freelancers to
find/join/submit projects for free. Hence –we thought it would be of
good service to the Rails community (which has some freelancers among
its members).
2) We always strive to improve the service and look forward to
constructive feedback. Try the site ,and then feel free to comment on:
feedback at crowdcoded dot com

Thanks again ,and have a great day.

I'll bite. A few things:

- Seriously, get a proofreader. At the very least, get somebody who
knows how to put commas before the space. This sounds petty, but
terribly written copy really makes the site feel like the kind of
place that just wants to snag my email and send me spam.

- LOOK at the pages before you publish them. Black text on #252424 is
incredibly difficult to read, and it seems to happen quite a bit.

- have some visibility of projects / freelancers before people sign
up. This will both increase your visibility to Google and encourage
people to sign up.

- have some indication of what the business model is. I don't know
about the rest of the world, but I'm always somewhat suspicious of
sites that have *no* visible means of support. If there's not a
strategy yet, a note to the effect that the site is currently in "free
beta" would also work. For that matter, even stating that the site's
goal is to showcase IS's work (essentially a webapp version of a
retail "loss-leader") would be helpful.

--Matt Jones
- get a specific set of terms + conditions: having the copy on
Crowdcoded be a de-formatted version from
once again looks spammy.