- Open Source CRM built on ROR...

Hey Micheal,

Congrats on the relase of CMS on Rails. Had a quick peek at the app, and definately looks like you invested some quality time for this release.

One thing I noticed about the release announcement was you mentioning the datebox_engine, which has been renamed, and released as a second version as the datebocks_engine.

If you want to find some install instructions, check out



Off thread topic here but I signed up for the databock maillist and posted a question, congrats! it's the first one :slight_smile:


Hey, Michael!

That CRM is looking good. I can tell you that I have installed SugarCRM for one of my clients and he doesn’t use more than 2% of all the features. I think what you have there on the demo should do for a lot of people. It might need some tweaking to get rid of the automovile industry stuff, though. Anyway, looking good!


Adrian Madrid


Thank you! BTW…we are still using the helper library that you created for us around pdf::writer! It has been flawless!


Even though you upgraded to DateBocks, I’m still using date_box so wanted to put the proper credit in place. I will update to DateBocks but it is a low priority. Thank you for implementing one of my submitted changes into DateBocks - I’m sure it is very useful to others and I recommend it every time I see someone on the forum asking questions about a Calendar. I’ll upgrade as soon as you put the time functions into it! :slight_smile: Yeah, that will be nice to have!

Thanks for the kind words,


Great to know it works as expected. Lately I’ve been working on figuring out Ruport because it supposedly gives you PDF|CSV|HTML from the same data but so far I haven gotten too far. I’ll let you know if I found it better and maybe I can work out something better from there.

Anyway, good luck with that project!