Creating/Storing Attendance Records for different Rooms.

I'm developing a small rails application for my local community centre to help them record their attendance. The community centre (building) has several rooms and each room is used on a daily basis for numerous activities. I have the following setup:

#building.rb class Building < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :rooms end

#room.rb class Room < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :building has_many :attendances end

#attendance.rb class Attendance < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :room has_many :attendees end

#attendee.rb class Attendee < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :attendance end

I assume the following is an efficient way of recording the attendance figures for each room? I create a new attendance record for each of the rooms (daily) and then add the attendees to the attendance record. (This is working fine.)

In the new attendance form I have a date select and room select (listing all of the rooms within the building). As they have several rooms creating new records for each is a tedious process - I would like to have one form which you can select the date and once submitted it will create a new attendance record for all rooms in the building. A step further would be to have the rails app create the attendance records automatically each day. I would be grateful of your thoughts on how best this could be achieved.