creating multiple objects on the same page


I want to have a very simple ordering page where users type in what
they want. They have a maximum of ten items to enter and must enter
at least one. The item table has these columns:

id integer unsigned auto_increment,
order_number integer unsigned
item_number integer unsigned,
description text

My question is, what is the proper naming procedure on the ordering
view page for each of the ten items so that the controller may most
easily store the items? What is the corresponding code that I should
put in the controller?

Thanks, - Dave

sounds like the naming convention you would want would be something like



<input name="item[description][]" />

Thanks but what if I have 10 of that same item on the page. Would I
then change my convention to:

<input name="item1[description][]" />
<input name="item2[description][]" />

and if so, how would I process that on the controller end?

- Dave