Creating a user page


i need to create a user page that can search and add objects to a cart

Step by step of how app should work:

1. User logins

2. on the side bar there is a search box where i search for objects
and the objects are displayed on the side after the search is
complete. then i add them to the cart which is in the main coloum.

#side div # # main div
# search # # cart
# item1 # # item1
# item2 # # item3
                         total amt:


because i am already log into a user page the address on the browser
is stuck at the /panel/id of the user so when i try to use the side to
search i get errors as the routing for user is being superseded by the
side search routing.

Couldn't find user without an ID

Can rails do a search inside a userpage ? if so please tell me how