creating a list view in rails 2

just started learning ruby and RoR a few days ago. There aren't many
tutorials on Version 2 so I went with a version 1 one.
I'm going through the ONLamp one, found here:

I got the scafolding and db stuff sorted out (as in the way its meant to
be done in version 2) but I noticed that in the tutorial rails created a
list view which is effectively the same as index view except it offers a
way to filter results by category. RoR 2 doesn't seem to be creating
such a view. So how do I get this behaviour in rails 2?
I tried creating a list method (exactly same as in the tutorial) in the
recipes controller and calling that from the application.hmlt.erb file
<%= link_to "Show all recipes", :controller => "recipes", :action =>
"list" %>
but that crashes while calling the show method. why? isn't it supposed
to be calling the list method instead?
alternatively I tried modifying the index method to filter results if
the category_id variable is set but then rails complains that I supplied
wrong number of parameters in the index method. And I have a feeling
that that's not the right way of doing it anyway.