Creating a custom function that can be called from an instance variable.

Hello all,

I have a whole bunch of time stamps which I need to display in
fractional hours or fractional days as the case may be.

Is there any chance I could do something like this:
def HourDisp
@time = 12:30:00

Nik -

Create a helper method named say "time_as_fraction" and pass your time into it. Make that method do whatever munging you need it to do.


#t in hh:mm:ss format
def HourDisp(t)
  #t gets split in three parts hh,mm, and ss
  new_t = t.split(':')
  h=new_t[0] + new_t[1]/60 + new_t[2]/3600
  return h

<%= HourDisp(12:30:00) %>

Thank You So Much Philip!

I tried it and I got it to work, Philip!

Thank You so much for your time. It's probably not my place to say
that this stuff is probably elementary. This is why: Thank you so much
for your time!!