Creating a Crowdfunding platform/ROR

I’m actively seeking a full stack developer (Ruby on Rails) for the creation of a crowdfunding platform. Please, you already have experience in this type of platforms and you have references. Deadline: end October 2016

Platform fully responsive to:

Deadline: end October 2016

Platform fully responsive to:

1- Donation with and without rewards

  1. Preorders/presales

3- Amorization loans and deferred payment loans

4- Equiy crowdfunding

Development is front end and backend

Warning: the site should be easily translated into many languages.

You use:

· Ruby on Rails

· HTML / SCSS + Compass

· CoffeeScript

· RSpec + Capybara


Study / optimization of the customer journey

Optimizing interfaces

Study actions offline


project manager interface

Campaign Dashboard

campaign management interface of the project leader

API connection LemonWay

Wallets connected with internal API LW

  • Creation of client files and forms-processing pdf

  • Upload files from the client interface

  • messaging

  • Integration of electronic signature to sign pdf api

  • Integration of an API for electronic payments

  • Module Paypal

  • Optimized for speed + SSL security

  • Platform for classic transactional Crowdfunding (pre-commitment, limitations, validation, funding) Multilingual

  • Management of authorizations by role (external member, investor, project developer, analyst, admin)

  • Front-end forms depending role (Registration, project submission, validation, transactional investment) modal.

Registration with Social single sign-on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +

  • Pages (projects with comments, personal dashboard, FAQ)

  • Dashboard front-end according to user role, private messages, comments. Dashboard analyst (validation, CRM DB)

  • Integration: analytics, mailchimp


roles and badges.

Personal data connection

Lists of campaigns

transaction histories



Admin campaigns

Admin Dashboard

Anonymous payments

Admin users

Export user data


Automatic generation of pages

Management of meta and micro-formats


Management Media Library and documentary






Mechanical translated versions

language’s user recognition

Sending automatic emails through the application





Overall the board admin


The platform consists of several parts:

  • Public Spaces (Home + pages with mostly text, graphics …)

  • Lender Area (Account creation, Projects to be funded, account Situation at global, List of projects funded / unfunded / en- course, Feed the account / make a withdrawal personal information, summary of transactions, …)

  • Investor Area: with state calculation of the investment portfolio.

The user must register in stages (3 or 4) with documents (pdf, docx, png etc …) to send.

(Ready to variable yield) Once registered the lender sets the amount to be borrowed and how many months he would like to be reimbursed.

  • Borrower Area (draft deposit, Project Tracking, state refunds, sampling schedule, …)

Ability to create projects with design, fonts and sizes already set and ability to embed a video (YouTube, Vimeo or other … etc) to the project document

Also, intuitive administrative interface, back office modules as a simulator for the user who wants to lend money at a rate that he has set.

A structured source code respecting the Google SEO compliance and can be resumed and improved thereafter.

Moreover the developer will integrate thereafter the website provider payment module (paypal, or Lemonway mangopay, etc …)

In all cases the following stages must be completed in October to the launch October 20, 2016:

reward / pre-sales crowdfunding

donation crowdfunding

crowdlending (amortizing loans and deferred payment)

The MVP should include:


  • Manage projects

  • Manage users

  • Create

Project Owner

  • Create project with goals and rewards

  • Role-based management on project and comments

  • Send update

  • Manage how


  • View projects

  • Pledge project

  • Leave comment

  • Badges

Other components

  • Infrastructure Setup

  • Payment gateway hook-up

  • Search engine

The developer will also take care of the continuous development and monthly maintenance after the launch.