Create Ruby on Rails project from existing HTML pages & mysql schema

Here's what I would do. Just as you started your "flat" prototype with nothing and worked toward a UX you liked, start with nothing (none of your designed pages) and let the Rails generators make the stubs they will. Once these are generated, they never change, so you won't have to worry about any of your fancy code being overwritten. Then start copying and pasting fragments from one to the other. Owing to the way that Rails composes pages out of fragments, with responsibility for rendering passing from the nearest most responsible model object up and out to the main page template, you will find that there are portions of your code that need to be in different places. Read up on how the Rails View works -- Rails Guides are great start, as well as (if you haven't built a few Rails apps already) the Rails Tutorial at


Thank you Walter - am going to give this is a chance and see how I progress…