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Hello all, first time posting here.
I am Python programmer, and now I will have to learn Ruby on Rails for a
project. I am already familiar with the MVC philosophy.

Our project is really basic, it's a site where people can search and
give lessons about whatever actually. At the home page, we have a city
category, where you can choose which city you want in Holland. After
choosing that, it will show you every class in the current city you
choose. So if you chose Amsterdam, it will list all the lessons in
Amsterdam. Now I have to create a "filter" another kind of category,
where after choosing the city and getting this whole list, you can
filter them in types of class, so if you are searching for a sport
course, it will list filter everything and only show you the Sport

I would like to know if anyone can just give me some tips and hints
where to begin, and what would be the best way to do it.

Sorry for my English.

Thanks in advance.

I suggest first working through the Rails Guides (start with Getting
Started, obviously) and work right through at least one tutorial such
as, which is free to use online. It may seem that
the end result of the tutorial does not match your requirement but you
will learn the basics on the way and this will give you a good
starting point for developing your project. Make sure the tutorial
matches the version of rails you are using.

Do the development on Linux (possibly Ubuntu) or Mac. It can be more
difficult on Windows. Use rvm from the start.