create a model/migration from an object that is returned from a gem that i installed

I am using the fog gem.

The fog gem has been added to my Gemfile

I would like to store the Fog object in my own database/model/

I tried to create the model like so, as I would usually create a
model, but using the Fog data type:

[tago@DevServer my]$ rails generate model fogaws fogobject:Fog
      invoke active_record
      create db/migrate/20120530114756_create_fogaws.rb
      create app/models/fogaws.rb
      invoke test_unit
      create test/unit/fogaws_test.rb
      create test/fixtures/fogaws.yml

However when I try the rake db:migrate I get this show stopper:

== CreateFogaws: migrating

I don't know anything about Fog, but if you know what should be in the
table schema then you could just write the migration by hand.