Count dupliate element

Tables: booking: show_id (belongs_to: show)

show: name, venue_id (has_many :bookings belongs_to :venue)

venue: location, capacity ( has_many : shows)

NOW, I use this view,

<h1>Listing venue rank</h1> <% @bookings.each do |booking| %> <tr>     <td class="large box">

     <%=h %>

      <br />       </tr></table>

it can get the booking venue list like that :

Listing venue rank Location: www Location: www Location: weee Location: weee Location: www

but I want 2 make this page like that:

Listing venue rank Location: www 3 Location: weee 1

I want to count the dupliate locations and show the number. I think it will use distinct or count to modfy the controllers, but i do not figure out. please give me some sugguestion.

class ShowsController < ApplicationController   def index

    @shows = Show.find(:all, :order => "date")     @venue = Venue.find(:all)

class BookingsController < ApplicationController

  def index     @bookings = Booking.find(:all, :order => "show_id, date")      @venue = Venue.find(:all)      @shows = Show.find(:all)

class VenuesController < ApplicationController

  def index     @venues = Venue.all