Couldn't find 'migration' generator


I am trying to add a field in a existing table (database) in Rails 2.3.5 and ruby 1.8.6.

I gave a command to generate a migration, Here as follows,

ruby script/generate migration AddwebToDistributors website:string

But I am getting a error, saying that “Couldn’t find ‘migration’ generator”

Can anyone help me to solve this issue.

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Gopinath M

I dont remember the older rails syntax but isn’t it "rails script/generate"​ instead of “ruby script/generate” ?

Isn’t it just “script/generate migration”

Try running the generator without arguments and report what you get back:

ruby script/generate

“migration” should be in the list that comes back, but perhaps something is broken…

–Matt Jones

Is ruby 1.8.6 ok for rails 2.3.5? I know that at some point 1.8.7
became necessary but not sure when.


We should make a chart for that information to be easily accessible. the last one I can find on the internet is this one but it is 2 years old

In Rails 2 we use

ruby script/generate migration table_name